We promote state of the art technology that has been used and updated since 1987, and has gained the trust of thousands of therapists and brought relief to millions of living beings worldwide.

The BICOM devices, produced by the german company Regumed, integrate the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine into an easy to use computerized Western technology. There are almost 1,500 therapy programs stored in the devices to cover the various symptoms and disorders.

The method is based on physics, quantum physics and cell communication. All matter is condensed energy so all living beings are also made of energy. In fact, there is an electromagnetic field around each living being, which consists of the information of both healthy and disturbed functions. The cells communicate with each other with these electromagnetic signals and health depends on this unhindered communication.

The BICOM technology allows us to approach the body from its energetic aspect, both diagnostically and therapeutically. It’s using the body’s own information, which is being scanned and fed into the device where a biological filter separates the healthy (harmonic) frequency patterns from the pathological (disharmonious) ones. With the help of the electronics of the device, the “good" signals get enhanced and are send back to the body to promote good health whereas the “bad” signals are first inverted and then send back to the body. The invertion of the stressing signals leads to their neutralization, which leads to the improvement and elimination of disorders.

The BICOM method is a very individualized holistic approach. This is because the body’s own frequency patterns are used to create a therapeutic signal, which is tailored to the needs of each individual.

The results are fast; improvement can be seen after 1-3 sessions.
It’s use is simple and can easily be delegated to an assistant.
There are many studies conducted on the efficacy of the Bicom technology, which show a success rate of over 80%.

There are two kinds of devices; a table device and a mobile device. They only differ in size as they have the exact same functions.

All devices have 3 therapy modules:

Main channel with stored therapy programs, that use the body’s own frequency information

Second channel with stored therapeutic frequencies that enhance and stabilize the positive effect of the main channel but can also be used independently

Schumann resonances (Dynamic Multi impulses or DMI function) that mimic the Earth’s natural magnetic waves for better balancing, grounding, stress tolerance and rejuvenation.