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Holistic Bioresonance Technology

Say goodbye to allergies, chronic pain, and more.

Say goodbye to allergies, chronic pain, and more.
Bicom therapy is the solution for your most difficult patient cases. While owners should always consider standard care practices when seeking veterinary treatment, Bicom therapy sessions can serve as an excellent complementary treatment to help eliminate or reduce allergies, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and more.

Let Bicom therapy help you help your patients.

Let Bicom therapy help you help your patients.
As the animal’s cells work inside the body, they emit electromagnetic frequencies (as do the cells of any living being). During Bicom treatment, the machine reads these frequencies and uses them to help treat animal patients painlessly, with no side effects, and make a real difference in their lives. Read more about how Bicom can help animals:
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We know that Bicom can help your most difficult patients—and so do your clients. As you integrate Bicom therapy into your clinic, we’ll be here for you with software updates, repair services, and more. See our Contact page for more information on how we’ll support you throughout your Bicom journey.


The technology of The Atlantik structures and restores the natural properties of water using precious and semi-precious stone electromagnetic energy.

Visit our Resources page to learn more about the verified benefits of structured water, and contact us today to learn more about this new product!