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Bicom BodyCheck2

The BICOM Body Check is a complete, bio-energetic health check.

Step 1

Comprehensive Scan

The entire state of the body is measured through use of a special headset. According to your selection: internal organs, bones and even tissues are scanned quickly and efficiently.

Step 2

Digital Visualization

The measured scan data is compared to an extensive reference database. Bioenergetic disturbances are displayed visually on your PC or Notebook.

Step 3
bicom bodycheck

Automatic Evaluation

The results of the evaluation provide guidance for further treatment steps. A detailed final report can be generated for documentation, for you and for your patients.

Experience the bioresonance therapy with Bicom Devices today!
Explore your bioenergetic scan journey with Bicom BodyCheck2!

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Working with the BICOM BodyCheck is really fun. I am learning so much myself and my patients can understand a lot more.

— Gabriel B.

...the accompanying materials are very detailed and provide not just the key points, but a whole approach for getting started in the practice right away.

— Bettina R.

I particularly liked the training videos and that I was able to prepare beforehand. With this, the learning effect is even greater.

— Christine H.